Can rabbits swim?

Sedovic picked up the knife and saw blood on it.

All languages are equal, but English is more equal than the others.

Don't let Page use the phone.

You're the last person in the world I would like to see cloned; you're boring enough on your own.

I don't always brush my teeth after I eat.

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He always has luck with the ladies.

My opinion is the one that counts!

Sharada is one of my roommates.

Jun is rich enough to buy just about anything he wants.

You're outrageous.

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Take it and shut up.

Reiner shifted uneasily.

I'll be waiting for you at the usual place.

Edmund took a break.

She is the one who took care of her wound.

You must learn from your own mistakes.

Why are we really here?

His remark was really out of line.

Vern has to be careful about what he eats at restaurants because he's allergic to many foods.


These shoes are too small for me to wear.

What do you want to buy?

Maria is a very polite and simple girl.

I said leave her alone.

Does Mr Ito teach history?

Western standard of living in Hungary - but when?

"Do you want to know how he did it?" "I'm all ears."

I'm ready for tomorrow.

All my friends turned their back on me.

I can't eat raw eggs. They have to be cooked.

Boys will be boys, girls will be girls.

I shouldn't have kissed him.

Tuna speaks French like a native speaker.


Are you dead certain that you can do it?

Doesn't that sound serious?

I changed trains at Tokyo Station.

I stayed at a cheap hotel.

He broke the window intentionally.

I want to do this the right way.

Then I'd take the nickel out.

We had an intense competition.

This isn't fair.

Gigi entered the room without knocking.

She probably knew who I was.

We decided to stay with him.

She gave me a bag made of leather.

I don't even know why I did that.

He began to cry.

Christie didn't care whether Rakhal liked him or not.

Try to remember.

He smiled and said goodbye.

She was interviewed for jobs.


My memory was at fault.

Chris is in the kitchen making Christmas cookies.

I swear it was Milner.

Olof said not to worry about him.

The princess removed her gloves.

She's the assistant manager.

We all hate her.

My family is not that large.

Tim is studying now.

I like the way you treat me.

Micah took an antiemetic.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but something terrible has happened.

Where is he going to settle down?

Stop complaining so much, and do something constructive!

I just withdrew some money today from the bank, so I only have 10 000 yen bills.

Aren't you even going to ask me where I was?

You must turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before you speak.


Ted was finally able to communicate his thoughts in Japanese.

Don't talk to him about this.

Dorothy wanted to ask Tracey to the prom.

Yaaaawn... I'm going to bed.

Most students like sports.

A spanish tortilla is different from a Mexican one.

It's only a fifteen minute bus ride from here to the airport.

I would have to agree with Sanand.

You're evil.


If you don't mind, may we inspect your suitcase?

Donovan wasn't sure why Geoffrey was late.

We need your help finding him.

They expressed their indignity at the claims.

You've never complained before.


Search every room.

Patricia helped me wash my car.

He's gone into hiding.

Linda identified Dan as the man who had raped her.

We limit baggage to ten kilograms each.

The guests are all gone.

She is less beautiful than her sister.


Could you explain the last section more precisely?


Be kind to everyone.


He had scientific attainments, but he didn't even know it.


Have you already chosen?


You should trim your fingernails.

I will deal with him myself.

Alan's ideas are a little old-fashioned.

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It's a lot of fun going on trips.

There are many countries and many cultures on Earth.

I am also happy.

I stuck two sheets of paper together with paste.

Wherever I may go, I will get lost.

It might freeze, it might thaw.

I am a Hyogo University student.


We estimate the damage at one thousand dollars.

Mother bought my brother a yellow umbrella.

Don't use up all the hot water.


I followed the diet strictly.

It's all OK now.

Jagath took a deep breath.

Maybe I should check on Dustin.

The people pushed their way in.

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Who caused the accident?

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Please scan the diary for clues.

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I'm not related to you.

Why do you need this money?

Would Leung really want to do that?

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Don't mind us.


You didn't cause it to happen.

Please show me this book.

I appreciate that.

It's all going to be fine.

You're going to have to give Dannie some help.


Your hair's a mess.

I got to the station with three minutes to spare.

How drunk was Suresh?


She sighed over her unhappy fate.

Which one is mine?

He is himself an aboriginal and a successful businessman.

Leads and Lorraine live in a mid-century home.

Make sure this door stays locked.

Gordon can't remember exactly where he parked his car.

I want nothing to do with this.


The boys' room is on the right, and the girls' room is on the left.

She isn't pregnant.

Life is just the extreme expression of common chemistry.

Many people suffer from heart disease in Japan, but in Libya those having heart attacks have also increased a lot recently.

Let's park over there.

She knows Gale.

Her father is a policeman.

Gretchen gave Daryl some food.

You're not going to eat that, are you?


Fred was very troubled by his wife's nagging.

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What would you like us to do about it?

He did not answer the phone, so I sent him an email.

She held back her anger, and smiled graciously.

I received a letter from one of my friends in Japan.

Have you done anything?

Your father hasn't answered my letter yet.

Toby put on his sweater.

I never realized that Hurf is such a moron.

Positive atomic nuclei attract negative electrons.

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I already ordered.

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I know that's important to you.


The party is mainly made up of working women.

Do we know you?

We discussed different topics.


Leigh didn't quite understand why everybody was looking at him.

Deirdre already knew what was wrong.

That's the only bad thing that happened today.

What would you do, if you should be taken ill?

I received a letter from my mother yesterday.

I'm working here.

I know a lot about ships.


I don't want you to tell Collin about what happened.

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"Brandi is crying." "I know."

Louis is a dwarf.

Are you telling me you don't remember where you parked your car?